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SoftEyes® For Home Version 2.0 users should download the free upgrade patch to Version 2.1b.  The upgrade adds Stealth (completely hidden)   mode capability and adds the Position and Play Speed Sliders.  Click here for detailed instructions on upgrading from Version 2.0.

Upgrading a Previous Version

All upgrades or re-installs require a Serial Key.   The Serial Key may be found at the top of your license card.  If purchased from this website, the Serial Key is located on the receipt. All upgrades require the previous version be uninstalled from your system before running the installation program of the new version.  Stealth mode systems must be closed from the Display Window and installed over again using Normal mode in order to have the program listed in the Control Panel Add/Remove programs. See this issue in the FAQ.  You must use the same version of Normal mode as the original Stealth mode.  If you use a different version, some elements may not be removed properly.

Current Version SoftEyes® For Home
Version 2.1b Download   (1235K)
Installation and User's Guide (2.1 MB PDF).  Need Adobe® Acrobat PDF Reader.

Previous Versions SoftEyes® For Home
Version 2.1a  Download   (1108K)
Beta Version B2.1i  Download   (1007K)
Version 2.0  Download   (983K)

Upgrading From Version 2.0 Step-By-Step

  1. Print this page or write down these steps carefully.
  2. You MUST HAVE A VALID VERSION 2.0 SERIAL KEY to install. (Located at top of license or online receipt).
  3. Begin by clicking on the Version 2.1b Download (estimated time to download: 56K 5 min, 28.8K 10 min). 
  4. When prompted with "Run this program..." or "Save this program to disk" select "Save this program to disk".  Remember where the file will be saved.
  5. A good practice is to use the Desktop folder. Click on the folder pull-down and scroll up all the way to the top.  Select "Desktop".  That way the program is on the Desktop and easy to find.
  6. Uninstall Version 2.0, Click on icon, enter password, close Display Window with X in upper right corner, Select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.
  7. When the uninstall is complete, double-click on SoftEyesForHome21b.Exe to begin installation (you may remove this file after installation).
  8. During the installation, you will be asked for the Serial Key.
  9. If Stealth Mode is selected, DO NOT FORGET YOUR HOT KEY.
  10. During the installation, you will establish your own password for SoftEyes.
  11. After installation, you must restart your computer for SoftEyes to start.
  12. After computer restart, Type your HOT KEY or move the mouse to the Windows System Tray (lower right by the clock).  Click on the icon sfh_icon.gif (909 bytes)
  13. You will be asked for your password.  Enter the password created in Step 10. and press Enter.
  14. When the SoftEyes Display Window is shown, click on the question mark '?' at the upper right of the window.  This will display the online help.
  15. Read the online help.  It will help you understand all of the features of SoftEyes.

If you have any questions, please contact SoftEyes Customer Support at