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SoftEyes For Home

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) Rated BEST by software professionals
BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) Animated playback, like a movie
BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) No log maintenance, fully automatic
BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) Runs invisible or with notification
BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) Schedule time limits on computer use

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) See ALL activity on and off the internet
BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) Record rates up to 1 frame per second
BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) See up to 1 year of activity
BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) Works with AOL and all filtering programs

BD14582_.GIF (185 bytes) Quickly review days or weeks in minutes

So simple, it only needs 1 screen
"SoftEyes only took me 3 minutes to learn." - K. Shifflett
"Now I can control when the computer is used." - R. Bunce


No menus, lists of logs or complicated interfaces to learn.

A password and a couple of clicks is all it takes

Online help, positional slider, single step and printing, it's all here. See for yourself, read the Users Guide (2.1MB PDF).

Codie 2000 Award Finalist

(Software Industry's Oscar nomination)

Best New Home Use and Personal Productivity Software

Best New Software Utility

Software & Information Industry Association

$49.95* USD
Satisfaction Guaranteed, 30 day refund assurance

*Special Internet Download Pricing,additional charges  for mail delivery, sales tax required for residents of Iowa.

System Requirements
Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, XP, 2000
CD-ROM Drive
50MB Avail Disk

Easy to install, Easy to use

See for yourself, download and read the

Installation and User's Guide

Need more information?  Follow the blue arrows for a tour of benefits, see examples, download the Installation and User's Guide and hear what users are saying about SoftEyes For Home.