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sfh-MomLean_2020.jpg (18562 bytes) What makes SoftEyes For Home different ...
  • Most secure and tamper resistant
  • Longest recording duration (up to 1 year)
  • Fastest playback and review (>1200 frames/sec)
  • Smallest capture granularity (1 frame/sec)
  • Full resolution image reconstruction, pixel and color
  • Adaptive Focus Deconstruction technology


Hear what others are saying about SoftEyes For Home ...

"SoftEyes For Home is must-have software for parents who are concerned about what their kids are doing on the computer.  It's a simple way to make children more secure in an increasingly insecure world." - R. Davis, Working mother of four, IA

"We installed your software one month ago.  As parents of five teenagers, the peace of mind knowing what they are viewing on the computer is invaluable.  We will always have this software on all computers that we own. P.S. My teenagers know this program is installed...they monitor themselves and each other!" - S. & J. Christmas, NM

"Your software appears to be breaking new ground in the field of computer software technology.  I haven't seen anything that works the way SoftEyes does in monitoring all computer activity, plus it's so easy to install and use.  Thanks, SoftEyes for making it easier to be good parents." - K. Shifflett, Mother of three, OH

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