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Why should I monitor computer activity?

For many of the same reasons that security cameras are used to monitor high profile transactions, sensitive facilities, or high risk personnel --
Policy Enforcement, Surveillance and Record.

- as a safety net in addition to filtering and parental controls. Control when and total time per day the computer can be used. Kids online during latch-key hours and late at night are the most vulnerable. The Internet has become the hunting ground for today's pedophiles.

- as notification of destructive and addictive behavior, pornagraphy, gambling, online romances, cheating or hidden assets.

- to enforce Usage Policies, reduce non-work related computer use and document actual work performed.

Educators - as a form of extended supervision and as a mechanism to record subjective situations for review and discussion.

Executives - to learn how their computer is used in their absence and to track sensitive material.

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Softeyes, Inc. actively works with non-profit entities that promote safe use of the Internet by children.  If your organization meets this criteria, please contact us at for ways we might help.  There is never any cost or obligation for this service.